U.S. businessmen lining up to do business with Iran

Capitalism is a wonderful thing – except when it isn't.  Several U.S. businessmen – oil execs, for instance – are eagerly waiting for the day when "normalizing" relations with Iran leads to exploiting the business opportunities offered by the mullahs. The Hill: Leaders from the United States’ oil industry are traveling to Iran this week to discuss potential investment opportunities, Iran’s government said. The delegation of oil company leaders and investors are visiting Iran in anticipation of sanctions being loosened against Tehran, Iran’s state-owned Mehr News Agency reported Monday. “It is forecast that by the visit of [the] American delegation this week and in the case of lifting sanctions on Iran's oil industry, we will witness involvement of major international American oil and gas companies in Iran in the future," deputy Oil Minister Abbas Sheri-Moghaddam told Mehr. Mehr did not...(Read Full Post)