Thin gruel: Sanitizers did their job deleting Hillary's emails

The first release of doubly-sanitized emails from Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecured email server proves to be exactly what Charles Krauthammer called it: “A farce.”  She got her Clinton Foundation donors’ money’s worth in paying staff to go through and delete anything remotely incriminating, and taxpayer-funded censors at the State Department sifted through the rest and decided to release the mildly interesting first tranche as the three day Memorial Day Weekend was beginning.

As Americans hit the road for summer’s kick-off, and made pilgrimages to cemeteries, There was not much left for journalists and political junkies to sink their teeth into.

Lauren French of Politico highlights some of what remained, and it’s not much.  If you’re worried about national security being compromised by her use of a private server, there’s this:

Clinton has insisted she didn’t share classified information through her email account, but the State Department concluded that one email exchange on potential arrests after the attacks was indeed classified. The document appears to have been formally classified Friday by the State Department.

Of course, there musty be much worse, but what we’ll be able to see will be second-guessing, because the really bad stuff is gone. This revelation tends to support her contention that she didn’t use her private server for classified information (at the time).

At best, this release is a distraction.