Smith College admitting men pretending to be women

In an historic announcement, all-women Smith College has announced it will admit men pretending to be women to its school.  All a man has to do is say on his application that he "feels like" a woman, and he is eligible.  However, women who "feel like" they are men are no longer invited to apply to Smith.  It all depends on what you say you feel like the day you fill out your college application. Other schools like Mount Holyoke and Wellesley are also accepting disguised men.  I suppose the men from Harvard and Yale who go on road trips to pick up women from these schools will have to be extra-careful now! Rather than criticizing this move, I applaud it!  I think this is great, but just the first step.  If Smith can admit men disguised as women, it can go the next logical step and admit...normal men. From my own experience in college, here is what I have observed that women are able to do in schools that have men: 1) They...(Read Full Post)