Professor Saida Grundy Must Be Fired

Professor Saida Grundy recently introduced herself as a new faculty member at Boston University with a blast of obscene and abusive bigotry against a race and gender student group.  A brief refresher in the psychology of scapegoating explains why she must be terminated: blaming a racial or gender group for social ills is an intransigent form of ignorance that blocks the capacity for complex problem solving. Isn’t that capacity a quality required of professors?

The AP reported she made statements "critical" of white students. This is an example of AP leftwing bias. She did not make "critical statements." The hate she expressed is typical of classic scapegoating, paralleling the Nazi transference of blame against Jews. Professor Grundy characterized the entire group of white college males as a problem population. From her tweets: “white masculinity isn’t a problem for america’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges… for the record, NO race outside of europeans had a system that made slavery a *personhood* instead of temporary condition.” We can overlook her tweets’ problematic capitalization and punctuation, but must Boston University students be forced to suffer her baneful and ill-informed opinions? Her assertion about the unique “personhood” of European slavery is particularly, and stunningly, ignorant.

Saida’s kind of bigotry reflects intellectualized racism and sexism embedded in absurd pedantry. She also published the statement, "[i]n other words, deal with your white sh*t, white people. slavery is a *YALL*  thing," throwing in a contemptuous cliché against the southern colloquialism. Presumably, the professor is referring to the form of slavery that ended in the United States in 1863 with President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Has Boston University really sunk to this degree of ignorance?

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