Obama's Synagogue

Barack Obama chose the perfect synagogue, Congregation Adas Israel, in which to deliver a rebuke of Israel, couched in an address commemorating Jewish American Heritage Month, using some fuzzy throwaway lines designed to lull the gullible into apathy regarding his approach towards Iran and the Palestinians. Barack Obama is on another campaign: to sell his Iran deal and sell out Israel. So he spoke before the largest and oldest conservative synagogue in Washington, D.C. He said that while Iran may be anti-Semitic it was not irrational and would not risk destruction by developing and using nuclear weapons. For a man who boasted he was a student of history during his speech in Cairo, he must have forgotten that Adolf Hitler was irrational, was responsible for the murder of many millions of people (including 6 million Jews) and his irrationality did lead to the destruction of Germany. His views about Iran and the mullahs’ Nazi infused technology and genocidal goals have been...(Read Full Post)