Obama's 'red line' for Syria is written on water

When adversaries, real and potential, look to President Obama and gauge his mettle and strength of commitment, they need look no farther than his wavering, mendacious policy toward Syria. In August 2012, amid reports of Assad gassing rebel-held areas, President Obama drew his famous "red line," threatening "enormous consequences" against Assad if he used chemical weapons in Syria.  Assad ignored him repeatedly and continued to chemically shell his people, on a small scale, without any fear of consequence.  Then Ghouta happened, one year later, and for the first time Assad took notice of the USA's response. The Syrian dictator had shocked the West with his brazen, massive use of sarin nerve gas on civilians in the area of Ghouta, Damascus on August 21, 2013, killing, by American estimates, about 1,429 people.  The Obama administration was finally prompted to credibly threaten military force in retaliation.  But Obama was pulled back...(Read Full Post)