Obama Memorial Day tweet from the Democrats slammed

The official Democratic Party Twitter account, @TheDemocrats, is being slammed by a media figure who himself has a history as a Democrat operative.  Jake Tapper of CNN has, by almost all accounts, worked hard (harder than George Stephanopoulos by the evidence) to be fair toward Republicans, despite having once worked as press secretary for Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law Majorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, when she was a liberal Democrat member of the House of Representatives. Of course, Tapper did appear on the Clinton Foundation website as a speaker at an event, only to have that mention go poof! and disappear in the wake of the Stephanopoulos scandal. But blame for that appears to lie with the Foundation, which touted an interview for broadcast as an appearance. In any event, Tapper, who has a history of supporting veterans, really slammed Obama and the Dems. Via The Right Scoop: (Read Full Post)