No Politics. Just a Little Yard Work.

With Mary and I on the road most of the time working to elect conservatives around the country (the Conservative Campaign Committee), our home was neglected. We were amazed to see that roots had grown two feet up our drain-spout, blocking the flow of rain water – stopping it from functioning properly, fulfilling its purpose. Strange things move in when the boundaries of your home go unchecked for too long. My trees and bushes were in serious need of pruning. A huge uninvited vine was entrenched, threatening to overtake one of my big cedar trees. Though the invader clung valiantly strangling it's unwilling host, I stubbornly pulled and tugged at the vine until I eventually liberated my tree. I cut away all useless dead branches; big and small. They were not contributing anything, just taking up space on my trees. My old holly bush was in a battle for its life. The bush is original to the house and desperately needed my attention. An invasive vine and two small...(Read Full Post)