My Daughter Married a Woman

All of a sudden, it's pedal-to-the-metal, full-speed-ahead, no-holds-barred promotion of homosexuality everywhere you turn. It is as if someone said, okay, now is the time to launch our all-out assault on traditional principles and values; while crushing all opposition. I cannot even enjoy a non-political Saturday watching do-it-yourself home improvement TV channels without almost every show aggressively promoting homosexuality. Homosexuals are only slightly over 2% of the population. And yet, their representation on TV shows is dramatically disproportionate to their numbers. Clearly, the networks have become political activists promoting the homosexual agenda. My wife cannot watch her bridal gown and pregnancy TV shows without the producers featuring same-sex couples. We protest by changing the channel. What really frosts me and is super scary is the Left's ever-increasing strong-arm tactics, forcing us to agree with their sin. I thought, good grief, next they will...(Read Full Post)