Mr. Halperin: Clinton's likely VP choice 'no habla Spanish tampoco'

We hear that Secretary Julián Castro tops Hillary Clinton's list for VP in 2016. Enter Mark Halperin and Senator Cruz. Some in the media are really getting desperate or silly.  How else can you explain Mr. Halperin's interview of Senator Cruz? Mr. Halperin spent some time asking questions about Cuban music, singers, and food.  It was ridiculous.  It was also hypocritical, because Mr. Halperin would never do that to a Hispanic Democrat. As Ruben Navarrette wrote: You know who, by their own admission, don't speak espanol well? Housing Secretary Julian Castro and his twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, both friends of mine. You could bet Halperin would never put those questions to the Castros because, as Democrats, they're assumed to be closer to the masses than Cruz is. I kept thinking to myself: "What if, instead of watching a Washington insider who is also an MSNBC contributor, I was watching Fox...(Read Full Post)