How low can the Clintons go?

Just when you thought Family Clinton, consisting of ex president Bill Clinton, first woman president wannabe Hillary Rodham Clinton and maybe future president wannabe Chelsea Clinton, couldn't sink any lower, lie any more, be more morally deviant along comes a blockbuster report in the New York Times proving the Clintons will do anything, and we mean anything, for money including ripping off children's education.  And more.  The NYTimes' report is long, detailed and well worthwhile reading in its entirety but in essence Clinton took his large standard speaking fee from a charity dedicated to building schools in tsunami ripped Thailand and earthquake wracked Haiti to prevent them from never being "dead broke" again.  And more.  A high fashion model who was vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami struck and survived after a harrowing ordeal  started the Happy Hearts Fund to build schools in the country.  Every year she...(Read Full Post)