Hillary Clinton speaking in black accent again

Listen to Hillary Clinton speak in her black accent again, talking of the joys of chicken, a stereotypical black food.  It looks almost like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch.  Mrs. Clinton seems to be returning to the roots of her 2008 campaign, when she also did stereotypical black talk.  I wonder if she has a voice coach or has been watching a lot of old episodes of Good Times and The Jeffersons.

You know that if Ted Cruz spoke like this, he would be hounded from the race immediately.  When Hillary does it, it is to resounding applause.  Perhaps liberals can be as racist as they like and not expect to pay any penalty for it, because when they do it, they are doing it for the "common good."  For the liberals and their protective media friends, the ends justify the means.

Mr. Clinton has been accused of rape, but it is Republicans who are accused of a war on women.  Mrs. Clinton plays to the worst stereotypes of blacks, but it is Republicans who hate minorities.

Exit question: Is there anything that the Clintons can do that the media would find reprehensible?

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