Did China's Ministry of Defense rip off its webpage from the Serbian Army?

The release of a military strategy white paper by China’s Ministry of National Defense (MOD) has some concerned – given how the document appears to make war with the United States (and by extension, its treaty allies in the West) inevitable.

Other interesting things appear on the English version of the Chinese MOD main website, which is formatted quite differently from the corresponding Chinese edition.

At the bottom of the English-version China MOD website are the following hyperlinks, followed by a general copyright notice regarding the webpage and its contents:

So why is there a link to the Serbian Ministry of Defence on the Chinese MOD main web page?

The Serbian link leads to a now defunct webpage of the Serbian Army, which appears as follows with Google Translate, but it is still hosted on the main Serbian MOD server:

China steals everything nowadays.  Did it steal its own Ministry of Defense webpage from one of Serbia’s MOD older webpage templates, and then attempt to assert intellectual property rights over the material?  If so, that is rather embarrassing.