Flat Tax Fantasies

Back in the halcyon days of yore, before the advent of Big Government, tax collection was one of the main places where the individual bumped up against the “powers that be.” In that distant past, tax collectors were called “publicans,” and they were generally despised. One exception, however, was a tax collector by the name of Matthew who was accepted into the bosom of a certain Nazarene you may have heard about. But in the main, folks really, really disliked the taxman, and they still do. The issue of taxes arises in “High Sparrow,” Episode 3 of Season 5 of the HBO series Game of Thrones, when the usurper Roose Bolton, the new Warden of the North, and his son Ramsay discuss tax collection methods: ROOSE: We can't hold the North with terror alone. RAMSAY: We can't hold the North if we let these lesser Lords insult us. ROOSE: I sent you there to collect taxes, not bodies. RAMSAY: Lord Cowen refused to pay. Said the Warden of...(Read Full Post)