De Blasio drug brainstorm

Liberals have long been notorious for convoluted, over-elaborate “solutions” to fairly straightforward problems.  Often, these are derived from bureaucratic processes and can’t be explained in any rational sense.  The entire liberal program, from the New Deal (with its destruction of farm produce in the midst of a depression) to the Vietnam War (with its “semiotic” combat tactics) to Obamacare (which magically expands the number of people insured by canceling insurance policies), is infested with these efforts. So the announcement of an internal memo ordering the New York City police to stop arresting drug dealers over the age of forty does not come as much of a shock.  But there remain plenty of aspects that are best characterized as mysterious – what, exactly, it’s supposed to accomplish, for one thing.  It can be assumed that it fulfills some requirement of Mayor de Blasio or his staff, but what that might be...(Read Full Post)