Baltimore prosecutor Mosby shockingly incompetent

It is already clear that Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney who is prosecuting the Baltimore Six, is not up to the responsibilities of her job.  The only questions are: 1. how deeply incompetent? and 2. what consequences will result from her bungling? The second question is the more important one, for Mosby has set up her prosecution as a response to the “No justice, no peace” movement.  If and when she fails to secure a conviction through her ineptitude, then by the standard of the mob to which she is catering, more riots will be justifiable and therefore the likely result.  When she promised “justice for Freddie Gray” and omitted justice for the accused, she set expectations that it looks like she may not be able to fulfill. Now, as to how deeply incompetent, let’s look at the micro-level first.  Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun reports that sweating the details is not the watchword of the office she...(Read Full Post)