A Persian artist at 91

Deceptively "simple," this non-reductivist seductively conceptual art by Monir Shahroudy produces pleasure –  and discovery – where other conceptual works often merely baffle or confound. The influence of a mature perspective, paired with a Persian sensibility and a joyous dismissal of the expected conventions, marks this bright, effervescent exhibit by a past mistress of the form.  It is a satisfying medium she has chosen, and then she adds the alchemy of her enriching interior/exterior and refractive take on altogether charming and endearing structures that alter with every viewer and passerby. Back millennia, Iranians discovered the art of reflective glass-making.  This craft art was then taken to Florence by the Iranian Jewish merchants called Medici.  (How many knew the Medici were Jews?)  In Iran, mirrors are used generously in architecture, in the ornamentation of public edifices, and in various forms and...(Read Full Post)