The 'Bamboo Ceiling' has its poster child

Jim Crow is alive and well in America, but instead of blacks, the new target of officially sanctioned racism is Asian-Americans.  For the crime of being too successful academically, Asian-Americans are discriminated against at virtually every prestigious American university.  All in the name of “diversity” and racial “justice.” Statistics demonstrate this convincingly, but as William A. Levinson notes today in his article on PsyWar, pictures are far more useful when it comes to convincing people who don’t pay attention very closely. That is why it is significant that an Asian-American (of Indian descent) has stepped forward and revealed that by changing his self-description to “African American,” he was able to get accepted at a medical school where he had previously been rejected: V Saxena writes at Download: Meet Vijay Chokal-Ingam, an Indian American who, after getting rejected from medical school for only having...(Read Full Post)