So What Race Is April Pikes?

On Tuesday of this week, April 28, an incident took place in a Houston Wal-Mart that should have made national news. It hasn’t. In fact, the story has scarcely left Houston The nature of the incident could not be more topical. Jeremiah Matthews, 23, attacked Houston Community College police officer, April Pikes, with a hunting knife while she moonlighted as a security guard. Matthews stabbed Pikes fourteen times, tried to pull her gun, and would likely have killed her had not store patrons intervened. As it is, Pikes had to undergo a six-hour surgery, remains in intensive care, and may lose an arm. Police have charged Matthews with attempted capital murder. Matthews is black. He was not at all subtle about his motives. Reportedly, he told investigators that he was out to kill an officer “because cops are oppressive.” Outside Houston Police Department headquarters, Matthews' mother stood with community activist Deric Muhammad. Muhammad alleged that...(Read Full Post)