Rubio's debut speech

Marco Rubio exceeded my not terribly high expectations in his presidential campaign announcement. If you haven’t seen it, the video is embedded below. I admit that I haven’t been a big fan of the Florida freshman senator ever since he came out for cutting a deal on amnesty. But he has backed away from that unwise position, at least for now. Rubio got a couple of very big things correctly. 1. He portrayed Hillary and the Democrats as offering the policies of the past (“yesterday”).  This is a key message that has to be repeated and explained across the board. The solutions the left offers have not worked, and we can show it. Big government is a clumsy and inefficient tool for accomplishing worthy goals (as well as many unworthy ones).  By taking the approach of pragmatists, the GOP can short-circuit much of the Democrats’ arsenal of demonizing us as mean-spirited, etc. This argument works especially well against Hillary, but even if...(Read Full Post)