Raul Castro setting the agenda at Latin America summit

We opposed the U.S.-Cuba talks because nothing was demanded from the Castro regime.  Unlike previous presidents, who demanded something tangible from the regime, the Obama administration spent 18 months and agreed to nothing.   We just consented to talk about the issues that have separated the two countries since the early 1960s.    In reality, our approach persuaded the thugs running Cuba that we wanted a deal more than they did!  They must have been ecstatic when they heard that the U.S. was willing to talk unconditionally.  Our unwillingness to stand up for freedom and democracy has rehabilitated the Castro brothers, as Mary Anastasia O'Grady wrote a few days ago: In the White House’s lack of moral clarity, the region’s bullies smell weakness.  One result is that a Caribbean backwater run by gangster brothers now has the upper hand in setting the regional agenda. If the U.S. president is humiliated in...(Read Full Post)