Obama: Betrayal of the black community

It is ironic that blacks fared far better under Bill Clinton – touted by author Toni Morrison and the left as America's first black president – than under Mr. Obama, whose polarizing words, actions, and policies have caused irreparable harm to the black community.  The election of the actual first black person to the presidency, a junior senator with no previous appreciable accomplishments – and no domestic governing or international negotiating experience – was a giant leap of faith.  But despite a multitude of bald-faced lies and mounting administration scandals, perhaps Mr. Obama's greatest sin has been his ongoing, calculated attack on the American societal fabric and the Constitution itself. Think of the deliberate squandering of a singular golden opportunity: Mr. Obama's presidency could have been the embodiment of MLK's "Dream" rather than its antithesis.  Mr. Obama could have...(Read Full Post)