'Nada' or 'zilch' from these U.S.-Cuba Negotiations

President Obama has decided to remove Cuba from the list of terrorist nations.

I guess that harboring terrorists or smuggling weapons no longer makes you a terrorist nation.  It's hard to settle that with the reality of Cuba. such as the harboring of Basque and Colombia terrorists plus fugitives from U.S. law.   

Sadly, it is beginning to look like we got nothing from Cuba, or "zilch," as Ben Domenech just reminded us:

It’s that this normalization came without getting the United States any of their long-stated policy priorities for the Cuban people in return. Normalization is President Obama’s gift to the Castro regime -- a gift with no strings attached.

This is, not coincidentally, the exact same problem we see with the administration's approach to negotiations with Iran (with far more at stake, of course). In both cases, an avowed enemy of the United States is handed huge strategic concessions by the Americans -- in exchange for what amounts to nothing.

And that's the point!  We got nada.

This silly handshake comes with consequences, such as the escalation of violence in Ukraine, those S-300 missile systems to Tehran, and Russian jets pushing their weight around.   

I understand that most Americans just see normalization with Cuba in the context of traveling to beaches or seeing 1950s cars. 

However, there is a larger issue, and I hope that the GOP points this out as we discuss the collapse of our foreign policy under President Obama.

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