Should President Obama be listed as a state sponsor of terrorism?

President Obama has removed Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, even though Cuba supports the terrorist FARC group in Columbia and has close ties with dictatorial leftist regimes like Venezuela.  But that started me thinking.  Since President Obama controls the executive branch of government, making him a state actor, do you think President Obama should list himself as a state sponsor of terrorism?

1) Obama was a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which persecuted and killed political opponents on the road to turning Egypt into an Islamofacist state.

2) He is tacitly supporting Iran by pushing to lift sanctions on a country that supports the terrorist group Hezb'allah.  Obama is also pushing an agreement that would allow Iran to continue enriching uranium, the most vital component of nuclear weapons.

3) Obama is pushing Israel to make dangerous concessions to the terrorist regime in Gaza and, yes, the terrorist PLO regime in the West Bank, which isn't even willing to say that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state.

4) He is working hand in glove with brutal, terrorist Shi'ite militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Iraq, who murder innocent (as well as some not-so-innocent) Sunnis by the thousands.

5) He has invited the radical group CAIR, which is affiliated with the terrorist group Hamas, repeatedly to the White House.

6) Obama gives aid to in-name-only "moderate" rebels in Syria, knowing that such aid immediately lands in the hands of Al Nusra, the local al-Qaeda affiliate, and the Islamic State.

In light of all these facts, do you think President Obama should list himself as a state sponsor of terrorism?  If so, how much would you pay to see Marie Harf at the State Department come out and announce that the president has been added to the list?

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