Mary's garden and Henry Ross for Congress

For the past few months, Mary and I have been working from home rather than on the road campaigning for conservative candidates.  I built a container for Mary's veggie garden.  How can someone be a gardener who freaks out over the sight of a worm? My last blood test was not good.  So I have gone rogue in my battle to defeat diabetes: totally raw food.  I eat only raw salmon and tuna and hearty salads.  No dairy.  I drink only water with lemon and black coffee.  No eating after 8pm.  My daily sugar level has been dramatically better.  I have been on this regimen for a month and a half.  After 60 days, I will go for another blood test.  I covet your prayers.  I figure if I can get a handle on my health, I can introduce a healthy but more normal diet and even cheat occasionally. There was a knock at our front door.  A courier handed me a package from the CCC (Conservative Campaign Committee) with a memory stick...(Read Full Post)