ISIS drive on Ramadi could be a game changer

Every time the administration tries to spin the war against Islamic State in Iraq as going well, IS fighters make them out to be liars. Last week, the administration trotted a Pentagon spokesman out to tell the press that US coalition efforts have pushed Islamic State out of 30% of the territory they captured last year. No problem, says IS. We'll just take Ramadi and make you look like fools. Ramadi, the city in Anbar province that has earned a place in the Marine Corps history as a bloody victory in 2005, is under a dire threat from Islamic State forces who are attacking the outskirts and threatening to overturn the US plans in Iraq. The administration is downplaying the threat, saying that if IS takes Ramadi, it won't be a big deal. But the Iraqi government begs to differ and is pouring troops into the battle to keep IS from overrunning the city. Although troops and armed tribesmen had previously been able to stop the militants reaching the compound that...(Read Full Post)