Further proof supporting amnesty won't help Republicans

Jeb Bush, who has a Hispanic wife, Hispanic kids, and even once self-identified as Hispanic, is trailing Hillary Clinton among Hispanics by a three-to-one margin, according to an ABC News poll.  But Bush supports amnesty for illegal aliens, many of whom are Hispanic.  We are constantly told by the media that only a Republican who supports amnesty can win the Hispanic vote.

In order to find out why this isn't so, we must ask ourselves the question, what do Hispanics want?  I have done a lot of research into this and found that Hispanics drink, eat, and sleep much the same way that other people do!  They own businesses and are concerned about government mandates like Obamacare that increase costs.  They are concerned about environmental regulations that prevent them from developing homes and businesses.  They are concerned about crime in their neighborhoods and being able to walk safely home at nights.  And yes, Hispanics are concerned about the chaos and lawlessness flowing across our southern border, and many of them want border security, too.

In short, Hispanics have the same concerns as white people.  What a shocking discovery!  In his election to the Senate, Ted Cruz outpolled Mitt Romney among Hispanics by 20 percentage points.  Now, it is true that Cruz is part Hispanic, but Cruz campaigned strongly in favor of securing our borders, while Romney was at best ambivalent about illegal immigration.  In my opinion, Cruz won more Hispanics because he clearly articulated a strong constitutional, conservative limited-government message, while Romney conveyed...mush.

As for amnesty, nearly half of all Hispanics oppose it, and I would bet that more would if an articulate conservative made the clear-cut argument against it, based on the economic and national security damage it's doing to our country.

So the next time you hear a Republican on Fox or in the pages of the Wall Street Journal say that Republicans are "committing electoral suicide" if they don't support amnesty, and that Jeb Bush is the only one who can save us, give a little laugh.

This article was produced by NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.