Another Rape that Wasn't

We've seen recently two clear examples that U.S. newsrooms, print and otherwise, are a bit too monolithic.There are simply too many editors and journalists looking at events with the same ideological bias! They are crusaders rather than people digging for facts.

We saw "crusaderism" at Ferguson. The story was covered as another example of how white police officers wake up every morning looking for a young black man to kill.  

These people should be writing fiction novels rather than being journalists.

In the end, not even the racialist Obama Justice Department could bring charges against Officer Wilson.

And the "hands up don't shoot" story turned out to be false, a first-rate lie!

It took Jonathan Capehart to set the record straight with the truth:

But we must never allow ourselves to march under the banner of a false narrative on behalf of someone who would otherwise offend our sense of right and wrong. 

And when we discover that we have, we must acknowledge it, admit our error and keep on marching. 

That’s what I've done here.

Over at Rolling Stone, we learned that the magazine is pulling back the story about rape. It "failed all basics" according to a report.
Why? Because it was based on a lie, just like the one a few years ago about those young Duke lacrosse players who allegedly "raped" a woman.

What's going on?

First, and foremost, there is bad journalism going on.   

Not very good editors either, as Lloyd Grove wrote today!  

Some people need to get fired, and quickly.

Second, there is a very liberal culture in these newsrooms.   

There are too many people working in these newsrooms on a liberal mission to save the world from GOP men who hate women.   

They are so devoted to a cause that they are willing to make up facts to support a headline.

That's what happened in the coverage of Ferguson and the editing of the Rolling Stone rape story.

Too much "crusaderism" and not enough journalism.

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