Remember when George Bush's ranch got buzzed by a UFO?

If what follows sounds like a scene from the sci-fi disaster flick Independence Day, imagine what President George W. Bush must have thought on the night of January 8, 2008 as he contemplated his ranch home in Crawford, Texas. At around 8:00 pm, an enormous, hovering craft with ridiculously bright lights, at least 1,000 feet long (though some witnesses said a mile long), was tracked on multiple radars heading straight for the president's ranch at low speed.  The craft lacked a required transponder, was totally unidentified, did not respond to any attempts at communication, and was flying through restricted airspace.  The craft had been observed during the previous hour and a half by a multitude of witnesses, including a constable, a former air traffic controller, the chief of police, and a private pilot.  It was apparently doing the impossible.  The object was alternately hovering, slowly cruising at low altitude, and suddenly accelerating to over 2,000...(Read Full Post)