A very, very bad sign for the Clintons

An insider with connections says that the Clintons’ Russian uranium deal was definitely hinky.  Michael R. Caputo, writing in the PoliticsNY blog, says that he has in the past run public relations for Renaissance Capital, the Russian investment bank that paid Bill Clinton half a million bucks for a speech at the same time the State Department was tasked with approving or denying the acquisition of a substantial share of U.S. uranium production. Even when I worked there, Renaissance Capital had close ties to the Kremlin - the relationship made Renaissance executives into oligarchs. By 2010, the firm had become a practical arm of Vladimir Putin. Nobody of sound mind would think otherwise. Bill Clinton took that half million dollar payment as his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, served as a key member of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). This inter-agency panel must approve foreign purchase of private...(Read Full Post)