23 arrested in massive Medicare-Medicaid fraud scheme

A 199-count indictment against 23 doctors, nurses, and medical supply companies was unsealed in Brooklyn, NY yesterday, revealing a massive scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid of millions of dollars. Hundreds of poor people were recruited with the promise of new sneakers to visit a couple of clinics in the Bronx, where bogus tests and procedures were performed.  The criminals would then bill government insurance programs for millions. Wall Street Journal: Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson identified Eric Vainer, a 43-year-old Manhattan resident, and his mother, Polina Vainer, of Staten Island, as the leaders of what his office referred to as the “Sneakers Case” and a “Medicaid mill.” The Vainers are accused of directing recruiters to low-income neighborhoods and bringing patients to five medical centers in the Bronx and Brooklyn, where they received a battery of medical tests, including cursory foot...(Read Full Post)