Why Ted Cruz is constitutionally qualified to be president

I read the comments sections on my articles.  One of the comments I see consistently is "I like Ted Cruz, but I am worried he is not constitutionally qualified to be president." So I decided to look into the issue. After doing some research, here's what I discovered: Ted Cruz was born in Canada.  He had (past tense) Canadian citizenship, which he was entitled to automatically, having been born in Canada, and which he has since renounced.  He was also born with American citizenship.  His mother was an American; his father was not. The Constitution says any candidate for president must be 35 years of age, a resident within the United States for 14 years and a "natural born citizen." The question then is, what is a natural born citizen?  I don't think there is any doubt that being born abroad doesn't prevent  Cruz from being a natural born citizen.  If so, any children born to American parents while...(Read Full Post)