Rick Perry created university specifically for illegal aliens

We all know how tough Rick Perry is on illegal aliens.  He sent a handful of national guard soldiers to the border with strict orders not to intercept any illegals.  And he says he supported a law giving taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

But what many of you may not know is that Rick Perry signed a law creating a new university just for illegal aliens.  It is called the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley, and its specialty is bilingual education.  From its website:

A Bilingual, Bicultural, Biliterate Education

We are the second largest Hispanic-serving institution in the nation, with an emphasis on educating 21st-century leaders and professionals who are culturally fluent and have a deep understanding of the perspectives, languages, and values of different cultures.

Now, who needs bilingual education?  Not native-born Americans.  Nor legal immigrants who pass a citizenship test, in English.  No, the only ones who need bilingual education are illegal aliens.  Rick Perry has effectively created a school for illegal aliens, at state taxpayer expense.  It even has a medical school, where taxpayers can pay to train medical students...from other countries.

Even if you somehow believe that this university is intended for American citizens, it is still set up to use taxpayer dollars to teacher higher education in a language other than English, thanks to Rick Perry.

Rick Perry says he is against amnesty, but I don't believe him.  I think, by his actions, he has shown that he is every bit for it as Jeb Bush is.  Jeb is just more honest about it.  How can anyone believe that Perry is serious about border security when he signs a law creating a school of higher education that teaches subjects in languages other than English?

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