Iranian forces advancing toward Israel's border in the Golan

The Times of London is confirming what I wrote about over a month ago:

Iran is close to putting its forces on Israel’s northeast border for the first time, as its allies crush rebel groups in the Golan Heights area of Syria.

This is probably a U.K. government leak, or at least confirmed by the government.

Things could fall apart very quickly, with the Saudi-led military alliance attempting to invade Yemen (against Iranian and Houthi forces), and the Iranian Al-Quds Brigade attacking Israel and possibly Jordan from their known presence in Syria. 

In the absence of U.S. support, Israel may be forced to escalate fast, to pre-empt Iranian long-range missile attacks as well as a Golan Heights armored assault.  Since an Iranian strike at Israel would have to cross Saudi Arabia, the Saudis could believe they were being attacked – which is also possible. 

Needless to say, Obama's endless surrenders to Iranian demands make this an optimal time for Iranian aggression.  The mullahs know he can be pushed around over and over again.  As I wrote in February, the Iranians are:

... moving as fast as possible to capitalize on a historic moment of Western weakness, collusion, and accommodation. The mullahs remember what happened when Ronald Reagan won over Jimmy Carter. They have less than two years to grab whatever they can.

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