Obama's banana republic tactics

General David Petraeus is expected to plead guilty today for allegedly leaking classified information.  The root of General Petraeus’s current predicament can be traced to 2009, when Petraeus and the Obama regime clashed over the proposed Afghan surge. While running for president in 2008, Obama vowed to send additional troops and refocus the military on the “good” war in Afghanistan.  By 2009, looking for a way out of campaign pledges regarding Afghanistan, Obama was consistently at odds with his uniformed military commanders over Afghan strategy.  Tensions between the regime and the military “often turned personal.”  Obama and aides “repeatedly pressed the top military advisers for an exit plan from Afghanistan that they never gave to him.”  General David Petraeus, then commander of CENTCOM, “felt shut out by the new administration” with respect to negotiations and reportedly told his staffers that the...(Read Full Post)