NYT goes overboard against Israel

Once again, the New York Times beats the drum against Israel and its democratically elected government, running not one, but two anti-Israel screeds in its "Sunday Review" opinion section.

The first of these is a column by Roger Cohen.  Not known for his admiration if the Jewish State, Cohen berates Israel for not destroying its favorable political and commercial relations with China because some Iranian and Syrian funds may have been laundered through the Bank of China's Guangzhou branch on their way to terrorists who killed an Israeli boy. 

Very selective, Cohen is.  Perhaps he would like to condemn the U.S. for not relinquishing its relationship with Jordan, whose Amman-based Arab Bank facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars to the families of suicide bombers and other terrorist operatives.

No, Cohen seeks to demonstrate how those money-grubbing Jews "Put Money Over Justice," as the words of his headline imply.

On the op-ed page, regular columnist Nicholas Kristof condemns the Israelis and their ages-old Jewish National Fund, whose renowned tree-planting programs, he says, have a "dark side." 

It seems that some of the trees are being planted in areas of the Negev where tumbledown Bedouin shacks have been razed – the Bedouins being moved by the Israeli government to new modern housing constructed by the government especially for them.

Kristof's sources are a disgruntled Bedouin and a far-left rabbi.  No government official is asked to explain the reasons behind the redevelopment projects involved.

Once again, when it comes to the Jewish State, the Gray Lady is not very ladylike at all. 

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