Let the PM of Israel Speak!

With all due respect to President Obama, I want to hear what PM Netanyahu has to say.  

I understand that the White House is disappointed with how Speaker Boehner invited him. Frankly, I think that the "Beltway spat" is rather small compared to the big picture of negotiating a deal with Iran.

My friend Barry Casselman believes that there is an ideological component to the Democrats' reaction. He wrote this:

So then, what is the real reason Mr. Obama and so many Democrats, including Jewish Democrats, don’t like and oppose “Bibi” Netanyau?

The answer is simple and it is political,  Mr. Netanyahu is a genuine conservative, not only in foreign policy, but very importantly, in domestic policy.

Barry has a point.   

My sense is that there is another reason or the fact that the PM of Israel makes the president of the U.S. look rather weak.  

PM Netanyau speaks with incredible authority on matters of national security at a time when Americans are growing more concerned about terrorism and security, as Gerald Seib wrote recently: The fear is back!

That's what this is about!   

The Obama White House is concerned that "Bibi" will blow up the nuclear deal by simply telling the American people the truth about Iran.
Let him speak. I want to hear what he has to say.  

Let's not do the Iran nuclear deal like we passed ObamaCare. Let's not sign the deal and then find out what's in the agreement. We can repeal ObamaCare but we can't undo a bad nuclear deal. 

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