Madame Inevitable is Under 50% in Every Poll

We've been focused on the emails controversy and the other scandal involving the Clinton Foundation.   Furthermore, we are hearing a lot of serious concerns about Hillary Clinton the candidate. And these concerns are from Democrats. I've been looking at the head to head match ups for several months and Hillary is under 50% across the board in the RCP average: 47% vs Walker 48% vs Bush (but that includes one poll that had her at 54%..... no candidate has achieved that percentage of the popular vote since President Reagan was reelected in 1984 with 60%... so forgive me for being a bit skeptical of that one) 49% vs Paul, the weakest of all the GOP candidates and least likely to win the nomination; 48% vs Christie 47% vs Rubio I will skip Huckabee and Carson because they are not top-tier candidates. It could change later, specially Huckabee in Iowa. My point is that she is the best known candidate running for president but...(Read Full Post)