Hillary's email scandal: follow the money

In April of 2014 there were numerous stories published regarding $6 billion that was "missing" from the State Department under Hillary Clinton's watch. There was a lot of hand wringing but no one was able to figure out where it went. Read here and here. Last month the story broke that the Clinton Foundation received $2 billion in donations since its creation in 2001. Read here and here. Now we find out that Hillary Clinton used private email for her email communications while Secretary of State. All of her emails were from this private account. And, this private account was housed on a server that was in her house in New York. This explains why all FOIA requests over the last 5 years for Mrs. Clinton's emails have been rebuffed. It also allowed Mrs. Clinton to hide whatever she wanted because she had full control over the emails. Here's my question. $6 billion goes missing from the State Department under Mrs. Clinton's watch. $2 billion shows...(Read Full Post)