Hillary 'Splains It All

Hillary Clinton wrapped up her version of a lie detector test at the UN podium.

Q. Why did you use a private email system?

A. It was convenient 


Q. Did you turn over all government related emails to the State Department?

A. I turned over every email, and then some, relating to my time as Secretary of State.


Q. Did you have your private email system preapproved by the State Department with clearance from Security Experts?

A. My arrangement was legal and within the rules of the State Department.


Q. How can we be assured that those emails that you deleted were only personal?

A. Because I instructed counsel to do a through review.


So much for Hillary’s polygraph.  It was a vintage Hillary event: More evasions than clarity. Did she send/receive private emails with aides and counsel about State Department/National Security matters who used private email addresses supplied by Hillary’s server?   And by referring to counsel, did she mean Cheryl Mills,  loyal assistant and Praetorian outrider?

Perhaps the most precious moment was when Hillary revealed that her private email server actually belongs to husband Bill.  Any hard drive incinerators in Chappaqua?  Check for plumes behind their house. It won’t be Bill firing up the barbecue grill.

And how comforting that Hillary’s email system was patrolled by the Secret Service.

And the chase goes on…