Hillary speaks on email scandal

Speaking before a microphone with the UN logo on it, Hillary Clinton staged a press conference in which she made a statement and took questions.  She may think she has put the controversy to rest, but for those not her dedicated fanboys and fangirls, she only made matters worse. Some quick reactions pending a transcript:

  1. She claimed that the reason she used a private server was personal convenience. She wanted to carry only one email device, a Blackberry, and would have had to shlep around a separate device for .gov emails. She admits now that “it would have been smarter” to carry two devices. My iPhone can handle multiple email accounts, but perhaps Blackberrys of 2009 could not.
  2. She claims she used the server set up for Bill Clinton’s post-presidency office, and therefore it was fully secure. However, Fox News just reported that Bill Clinton has stated that he has sent only 2 emails in his life. More will be asked on this point, you can be sure.
  3. She will not let any other parties get their hands on her server. She claims that because personal emails are on it, nobody should have access. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano and some others have pointed out, she is the one responsible for mixing official and private emails on the same server, and so must bear the burden of verification that she did not delete any emails. In other words, “Trust me.”
  4. She claimed there were no security breaches on the server. As if she could possibly know. Plenty of breaches take a long to be discovered, and many others are never discovered. And didn't "Guccifer" already hack her correspondence eith Sid Blumenthal?