Hillary and State Department intelligence

How likely is it that all of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails were free of classified material?  Not very.  Though it’s not widely known, the State Department has a Bureau of Intelligence and Research that is as much a part of the intelligence community as the CIA or DIA and works in the same highly restricted, security-conscious environment.  All those CIA agents with State Department cover have to get it somewhere, and diplomats have always been important pieces in the collection and evaluation of intelligence, some of it very highly classified.  I worked for State’s BIR right after I graduated from college in the early 1980s as a low-level intelligence clerk.  Everybody had a top-secret clearance, and security in that part of the building was maintained at an extremely high level.  Among the analysts I worked with, one of the most sought after professional accomplishments was to get a bit of one’s work-product into the...(Read Full Post)