Brutal murder shows Afghanistan ripe to be next ISIS target

With Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on his first state visit to the United States, the Afghan government is in full cover-up mode.  At stake on this visit for Ghani and his chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, is nothing less than their hold on power, which absolutely depends on the presence of United States troops. Suddenly, last Thursday, something happened in the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan’s largest and presumably most liberal city,  that could sour Americans on supporting a continued deployment in what looks like a failed country.  A 28-year-old woman named Farkhunda was brutally murdered in broad daylight in front of police at a Muslim shrine by a mob of over 500 men.  Farkhunda was kicked, beaten with sticks and large stones, run over by a car, and burned to death as the crowd shouted, “Allahu Akbar.” Videos of the attack are circulating on social media, and the crowd’s ferocious brutality is truly unimaginable.  What...(Read Full Post)