Obama's master plan for the Middle East

Obama wants to develop an entente, an understanding and condominium, with Iran to run the Arab Middle East – this according to Krauthammer on The O’Reilly Factor (Mon. 3/23).

Historically, the current divisions in the Middle East into nation-states is based on decisions made at the end of WWI in the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.  As an article by Ron Holland in the Free Republic points out:

In the war, Turkey sided with Germany and the Austria-Hungarian Empire and when they were defeated all of the Middle East formerly part of the Ottoman Empire became "up for grabs" as spheres of influence for the victorious Allied nations. This is where many of the Middle East problems we face today began. The basically unfair Treaty of Versailles and distant, European politicians arbitrarily created the Middle East national boundaries we have today without any regard to local geography, tribal affiliations or national identity. This outside meddling in what should have been decided by the people and local power structure of course created discord, infighting and hatred between groups of people in these artificially created nation states.

Krauthammer, in advancing his thesis, notes the curious diffident confidence Obama has as events unfold in the Middle East:

[Obama] does have a very strange serenity about the meltdown, the fact that we are being driven out of our last [holdout] in Yemen… that Iran is now taking our place in Iraq. He does have this sort of strange detachment … [he thinks] he is a strategic genius, and that the Iran nuclear deal … is a solution to our losing the war on terror. He thinks that he is going to do a Nixon to China. He is going to be the man to develop the entente, the understanding, the condominium with Iran to run the Arab Middle East. We will join with them, we’re going to recognize their presence, their dominance in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, and now in Yemen as -- and that will be the reward for having cut a deal with us on nuclear weapons.

The bloodshed, the butchery, the genocidal fanaticism that horrifies most analysts is just a necessary step to an ultimate stability conforming to the Shia-Sunni population densities and power bases.  The slaughter and persecution of Christians, Jews, and Yazidis by ISIS or the less well-publicized persecution of Christians and Jews in Iraq under Maliki and the ongoing Shia-Sunni internecine butchery, while regrettable, is all just part of the redrawing of the real power-based boundary lines between Sunnis and Shias that will bring stability through the dominance of the Shia with nuclear weapons – as Krauthammer maintains – or perhaps, as also seems likely, a balance of power between Sunni and Shia strongholds.

His serenity?  It is the serenity of a man who knows he is on the right side of history.  Meanwhile, talk shows, basketball, and the greens await.