Senator Durbin sending black ladies to the back of the bus?

The left is having a hard time these days.

First, they have no solutions for the issues facing African-Americans, especially the ones living in all of those districts run by the Democrats.  We have one of those districts here in the Dallas area, with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.  Frankly, you feel like you are driving into another country every time you drive in.  It is sad to write it!  Vacant buildings.  Empty retail stores.  A sense of personal insecurity in the faces of those stuck in these districts.

Second, these same districts appear to be imploding.  There are lousy public schools, no jobs, and a terrible case of black-on-black crime.  

So what does a Democrat do?  He plays the ugly race card.

We heard recently that Senator Durbin of Illinois said that the GOP was delaying the confirmationa of Loret Lynch because she's black.  He used "coded language," but that's what he meant!

This is the same Senator Durbin who voted against Miss Condi Rice and Mrs. Janice Rogers Brown.  Rice eventually became the first African-American woman to be secretary of state and Mrs. Rogers-Brown was nominated for the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit.

I don't recall anyone suggesting that Senator Durbin was throwing these two competent ladies to the back of the bus.  He probably had his reasons, but no one questioned his intent.

A few weeks ago, ESPN host Stephen Smith suggested that blacks should vote GOP one time to send a message. 

I don't know if blacks will follow Mr. Smith's advice.  I'm hoping that they do.  It would be nice to put a plug in all of this "race card" nonsense. 

By the way, I wonder if Senator Durbin's children attended Chicago or D.C. public schools.  Or is Senator Durbin throwing all of these black children to the back of the bus because he's in bed with the teachers' union?

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