Why the Democrats Chose Philadelphia

Drum roll please… and the winner is, Philadelphia, edging out Columbus and New York. After months of mayoral jockeying and rigorously scrutinized financial proposals, the Democrats have selected a host city for their convention in 2016. Why Philadelphia? So far, the story has been about logistics. The Wells Fargo Center stands among other athletic facilities, removed from high-rises and skyscrapers that require greater coverage -- making security simpler. Public transportation to the downtown area makes for easy access to a number of hotels and other attractions. The Republican convention is in Cleveland, so both parties would be competing for a finite pool of donor money. And having hosted the RNC in 2000, Philadelphia has a history of success in managing this major event. But what about the political reasons? Pennsylvania is at a critical inflection point. Voting Democratic in every Presidential Election since 1992, Pennsylvania may no longer be considered a...(Read Full Post)