The left hijacks the Super Bowl

Don’t get me wrong: the game itself was very good, lost in the last minutes by horrendously stupid play-calling on the part of the Seahawks.  But as a Cowboys fan, I had no dog in the hunt, so I couldn't care less who won.  And it wasn’t the game that put me off, but rather the incessant drumbeat of political correctness in the commercials.

It’s too late in the evening to cite precise examples, so let me cite some themes.  From car commercials, no less, came repeated preachments to males regarding their responsibilities as fathers and family heads.  I have a suspicion that this advertising was targeted at young black males, who watch and wager on the Super Bowl in large numbers and who have a well-recognized and well-deserved reputation for fathering without any follow-up.  However, in keeping with the current politically correct standards followed by the advertising industry, the ads would make it appear that white fathers were the culprits.

You know what?  If I were a black male, I would be thoroughly pissed at NBC for using the major sporting event of the year to target me in such a fashion.  Call it ambush advertising.

I’m one old football fan who does not like to be preached to by holier-than-thou liberal jerks when I’m trying to watch a game.  I resent such indoctrination attempts to the point of questioning if I’m going to continue to allow myself to be insulted by an advertising industry that appears to be several degrees left of the New York Times.

Don’t misunderstand me here: I fully recognize the distressing lack of male responsibility in parenting.  My gripe is that when I sit down at the end of the football season to watch the Super Bowl, I do not consider my living room the proper venue for the slobberingly eager left to preach to me about America’s social ills.  But then, that’s liberals for you; they seem to have a knack for taking human joy, happiness, and appreciation out of absolutely any event that the rest of us view as a form of entertainment.  They have thoroughly corrupted Hollywood and television, and now they are damned well getting their big left foot in the door of sports, through the not so subtle control of the advertising messages accompanying those sporting events.  And of course they have their intestinal worm: Bob Costas.