Right-Wing Extremism? Really?

A February 20th, 2015 CNN report: "DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat" has been widely cited in the Obamacon press as authoritative proof that right wing crazies are threatening to blow up the country. CNN makes two major claims in the piece. First, that: The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010. and second, that: A survey last year of state and local law enforcement officers listed sovereign citizen terrorists, ahead of foreign Islamists, and domestic militia groups as the top domestic terror threat. However, only three incidents are listed -- and CNSnews, which apparently tried to obtain the source documents reports: CNSNews.com contacted the DHS and asked if and when its report might be made available to the public, and why it apparently was released solely to CNN. DHS spokesman Sy Lee in an e-mail response...(Read Full Post)