Rebutting Snopes on 'Obama's Muslim Gang Sign'

See also:'s dishonest attempt at debunking 'Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign' A number of critics, most prominently, have questioned the interpretation of President Obama’s forefinger gesture during the U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit of last August in Washington, D.C.  An article that presented this interpretation, entitled “Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign,” was published by American Thinker on February 18. Critics reasonably pointed out the gesture could mean anything, and various websites came out with photographs of world leaders, past and present, making a similar use of their finger.  They asked, “Are they Muslim too?” Certainly, the extended forefinger – generally with the thumb hanging loose – can be used for pointing or making a point.  It’s an all-purpose gesture.  Journalists stick their forefinger in the air all the time at press conferences to draw attention to...(Read Full Post)