NBC's fake news is jealous of real news

So there we were, watching Saturday Night Live's 40th (really 39 1/2) anniversary Valentine to itself, enjoying it for the most part in spite of its usual slant and some weak bits, noticing how well some of the regulars aged--or hadn't (Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd--what happened?) and missing some of my favorite skits (parodying those die hard Stark Trek fans who couldn't admit the series was over.) And where was Weekend Update anchor Dennis Miller, now a conservative talk show host?  Oh. But some of the real humor--and irony--was SNL's total unawareness of its liberal normative with its ensuing errors.  Sarah Palin was there--and look how prophetic she was, Tina Fey.  Sure Fey, in her Palin persona, mouthed "I can see Russia from my house" years ago but Palin saw the future of an imperial brutal Russia and a death panel government health system that liberals, including SNL staff, can't admit to this day. But the breathtaking...(Read Full Post)